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Common Questions

Does SuMa Medicine accept insurance?

I do not participate with insurance companies. Functional Medicine treatment is a unique and rapidly growing forms of medicine which is not recognized by the insurance industry. It is viewed as a form of General Health and/or Alternative Medicine, making it a non-reimbursable service.

Additionally, state and federal issues relating to billing for office visits, I have been advised by legal counsel to disassociate from all forms of third party insurance programs. I, therefore, am not contracted or participate with any insurance companies.

Is Dr. Davis a primary care physician?

Although Dr. Davis is trained in internal medicine, acupuncture and primary care, she is working as a consultant in preventative, nutritional and functional medicine to help address the root causes of chronic health problems. She will confer with your primary care doctor if required, but she will not be acting as your primary care physician.

Do I have to see Dr. Davis in person for my medical consultation?
Dr. Davis requires that the initial medical consultation be done in person. Follow up appointments can be done by telemedicine, if clinically appropriate, or in office.

As of now, medical marijuana certifications can be done via telemedicine.

How long does it take for Prescription refill requests?
It may take up to 72 hours to process a prescription refill. Please plan ahead to avoid any interruptions in your medications.

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